You might be familiar with the slow food movement. The idea that we need to slow down, buy local, consume consciously. Taking the time to know where our food comes from, what is in it, and how it affects you while supporting local food producers where possible. It's more healthy for your and local economies.

A similiar movement is picking up pace with clothing. After the deadly garment factory collapse in Bangladesh back in 2013 the idea of slow fashion started gaining some traction. Often the fashion industry makes clothing for pennies in foriegn countries and sells it at a huge mark-up or clothing is intended for a season and sold so cheaply that it's purchased almost as a throw-away item. Learn more at the following links.

The clothing at One World Goods is fair trade, the producers work in safe conditions and are paid fairly for their work, fabrics are produced with ethical intention often using traditional methods like block printing or batik. You'll find clothing in our store that you just can't find anywhere else, in flattering styles that you can really get in to!