With 147 years of service between them, volunteers: Thelma Hammerton, Carol Kramer, Gail Rawcliffe, Eleanor Scott, Marcy Stewart, Gene Wolfarth and Joan Wolfarth have done it all. They have been the the backbone and face of our little shop bringing the wide world to people in our community for over 20 years. They've cashed people out, priced products, unpacked shipments, repaired products, painted walls, built fixtures, stored documents and extra fixtures at their homes, served on our board, acted as bookeepers, treasurers, trainers, scribes, archivists, headhunters and OWG evangelists. They've taken our story and products to church sales, festivals and speaking engagements. They've hosted school groups and charity sales in our store. They've taught, inspired and exemplified fair trade for nearly a quarter of their lives! They've given us so much of their time and been our best customers. All that said it's seems impossible fill their shoes. You all have truly made the world a better place. We look forward to honoring you at our volunteer event this week. A world of thanks, we thank you!